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In this Chinese Character Search System system, you can do bi-directional searching to find characters and components.
i.e, from a chinese component to chinese characters, or from a chinese character to chinese components.
  User Guide
Character Set:
Unicode Big5 GB2312
Search Type:
Component to Character
Character to Component
Character to Component (show structure)
Kang Xi Radical
Input Type:
Character HEX code Base Component
  Search within results
Search Target:
All characters in CJK Unified Ideographs and CJK Unified Ideographs Exention A
Must meet the following requirement
         Big5 (include HKSCS) GB2312
         HKSCS Japanese
         Hong Kong Frequently Used Characters Korean
Variations Type:
Variant Related Similar


    Chinese Character Search System -
CSC198 Final Year Project 2000-2001, Chu Hai College, Hong Kong
    Special thanks to Chu Hai College for implementing prototype of the searching system

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