Questions about Chinese Character Search System

1. What is the Chinese Character Search Systems?
This is an assisting tool for bi-directional search of ISO/IEC 10646 Chinese characters and components, namely, you can search from component to all the Chinese characters containing that component and from a character to all the components contained in the character. This on-line search can support input either in Big5, GB, or Unicode.

2. How to input Chinese characters or components for searching?
To input Chinese characters or components for searching, we can either use common Chinese input methods provided by your system, Internal code in hexadecimal form, or choose from a component image table provided by the system which can be downloaded from your browser.

3. What are the variation types of the components in the systems?
The variation types of the components include, Variants (components with similar shapes, different only due to position of the component, such as "
¤ě" and ""), related (components that are not necessarily similar in shape but are historically related, such as "¤ß" and ""), Similar (not necessarily related components, but with similar shape that might be mis-representedˇAsuch as "¤g" and "¤h").

4. What is the supplementary information for the systems?
Some supplementary information was provided for characters include encoding standards (Unicode, Big5, GB), dictionary sources (KangXi and HanYuDa Zi Dian), sources (Chinese, Japan, Korean, or HKSCS), and other information such as Piyin or Chinese Component (CC-) code.