Character Subset Allocation (in BMP)

In the ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 (Unicode 3.0), BMP's code space is divided into several areas, and which are then subdivided into character blocks:

General Script Area (0000-1FFF)
It consists of alphabetic and syllabic scripts that have relatively small character sets, such as Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, and Devanagari, etc

Symbols Area (2000-28FF)
It includes a large variety of symbols and dingbats, for punctuation, mathematics, chemistry, technical, and other specialized usage

CJK Phonetics and Symbols Area (2E80-33FF)

It includes punctuation, symbols, radicals, and phonetics for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

CJK Ideographs Area (3400-9FA5)

It consists of 27,484 unified CJK ideographs

Yi Syllables Area (A000-A4C6)

It consists of 1,165 syllables and 50 Yi radicals

Hangul Syllables Area (AC00-D7A3)
It consists of 11,172 pre-composed Korean Hangul syllables

Surrogates Area (D800-DFFF)
It consists of 1,024 low-half surrogates and 1,024 high-half surrogates that are used in the surrogate extension method to access more than 1 million codes for future expansion

Private Use Area (E000-F8FF)
It contains 6,400 code positions used for defining user-specific or vendor-specific characters

Compatibility and Specials Area (F900-FA2D)
It contains many of the characters from widely used corporate and national standards that have other representations in Unicode encoding, as well as several special-use characters