<%@ Language=VBScript %> <% Option Explicit Dim strServerURL 'Local Web Server Name including http:// protocol Dim strInternalServerURL 'Local Web Server Name including http:// protocol Dim strExternalServerURL 'Directory where we will upload our file to Dim strTargetURL Dim strRepostURL 'Path to the page we will display after our file uploads Dim strPathToPA 'Path to the cpshost.dll Dim strPostingURL 'Action path for our form Dim strCharset 'Language 'strServerURL = "http://" + Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") + ":3333" 'strServerURL = "http://" + Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") + "/PolyU/" 'strServerURL = "/PolyU/" strServerURL = "" 'strInternalServerURL = "" 'strExternalServerURL = "" 'strInternalServerURL = strServerURL 'strExternalServerURL = strServerURL 'strTargetURL = strInternalServerURL & "/PolyU/FileIn/" 'strRepostURL = strInternalServerURL & "/PolyU/Upload.asp" 'strTargetURL = strExternalServerURL & "/PolyU/FileIn/" 'strRepostURL = strExternalServerURL & "/PolyU/Upload.asp" 'strTargetURL = "/PolyU/FileIn/" 'strRepostURL = "/PolyU/Upload.asp" ' strPathToPA = "/Scripts/cpshost.dll" strPostingURL = strServerURL & "Convert.asp" strCharset=request.QueryString("lang") if strCharset="" then strCharset="chinese" %> ISO <% else %>
<% end if %>

<% if strCharset="chinese" then %>

<%if strCharset="english" then %> This tool can convert files (Text, MS Word Document, MS Excel Worksheet, PowerPoint Presentation, Rich Text Format file and HTML files) with Chinese characters and/or HKSCS characters from Big5 code into Unicode. For the text file, it can be either converted into UTF-16 format file or UTF-8 format file. This tool is a Web Demo version. It only demonstrates the single file conversion. The full BFCS (Big5-HKSCS encoded File Conversion System)has more powerful batch conversion function, which can convert the whole file folder and list the relevant information about the conversion procession. Due to the limitation of the disk space and the file transfer speed, we suggest the user to convert the file not bigger than 500Kb, and to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ as browser when using this Demo version. <%else %> 用此轉換工具,您可以將含大五碼和香港增補字符集(HKSCS)中文字符的MS-Word,Excel,Powerpoint, RTF, Html and Text 文件轉換成 Unicode 文件,而不丟失其中文字符信息。對于Text文件,您還可以選擇轉換成UTF-8 或UTF-16 兩種文件格式。

此工具的Web 演示版,只演示單個文件的轉換。全版的BFCS(Big5-HKSCS encoded File Conversion System)具有更強的批處理功能,能夠一次轉換一批文件,並給出與文件轉換有關的信息。 由于受到機器容量及文件傳輸速度的限製,建議上載不超過500Kb的文件,並使用Microsoft IE 4.0+ 瀏覽。
<%end if%>
<%if strCharset="english" then %> Step 1:Upload the file <%else %> 步驟 1:上載文件 <%end if%>
<%if strCharset="english" then %> Please select file to convert : <%else %> 請選擇上載文件: <%end if%>
UTF-16 UTF-8