Questions about Hong Kong Character Glyphs (HKCG)

1. Why do we need to develop Reference Guide on HKCG?
Although ISO/IEC 10646 has allocated the unified code set, Unicode, and has paved the way for different Chinese encoding schemes towards unification, the code point that the ISO 10646 has allocated for each character represents the abstract shape of the character. Different character glyph can be defined and different kinds of the computer fonts can be made by different region to meet the different demands.

Currently, most of the common computer fonts use in Hong Kong which are developed by Chinese fonts developers from Mainland China or Taiwan, that cannot fully consider the written style in Hong Kong. Nowadays, computers become very popular on teaching or printing, however, different shapes between Chinese fonts and our written style can still be found. For example, ""should be the correct shape to print on the text-book, but the computer will display and print with the wrong shape, "".

Therefore, Hong Kong Government has to develop Reference Guide on HKCG for guiding the correct shape of Chinese characters are obtained on local publishing documents and on computers.

2. What are the related industries on using ISO/IEC 10646?
Related industries on using ISO/IEC 10646 include Chinese fonts developers, media, press, Chinese software developers, design and publishing, and research bodies and academic institution, etc.